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Unlock the power of your brain

Training + Brain Power (NLP Hypnosis) + Experiential Workshops =Amazing Results!

New classes and experiential workshops each month give you the ‘BRAIN Skills’ and insight to expand your potential with Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Hypnosis, and Coaching. Unless otherwise noted, classes held at: Life Harmony Wellness Center: 555 E. 4500 S. Suite C-250 Murray, UT. 84107


2017 Classes in Salt Lake City, UT

May Classes, Workshops, Trainings

Sat. May 13: A Lighter You Live Support 9 am Mountain Members click here –Nonmembers click here 

Wed. May 17 – June 7, Discover & Design You ONLINE: Clarify Your Life Purpose, Mission and Vision for Life. 6:30-8:00 pm. 4 week Webinar Series. Online event, call in from your home computer. Understand yourself on a deeper level, know what makes you tick, get your recipe to your Amazing Life! click here for details

Tues. May 23: Curb Your Cravings with Your Brain 6:30-8:00 meets at office: 555 E 4500 S Suite C-250 Murray, UT 84107

Wed. May 24: Speaking at POWER Storming Session: Brain & Your Money, with WNG Utah Women’s Networking group. Register here


Coming in June

Sat. June 10: A Lighter You Live Support 9 am Mountain Members click here –Nonmembers click here 

Thurs. June 15: Brain Training for Business, 6:30-8:00.   Meets Online. 8 week webinar series covers the important aspects of running a business AND Training Your Brain for Motivation, Focus, Confidence and Followthrough. Service based businesses: Massage therapists, Nutritionists, Coaches, Healers, Psychologists, and Heart Centered Businesses. See details here

June 19: Intuitive Eating 6:00-7:30 pm at Dave’s Health & Nutrition 3900 S. 882 East.

Summer Schedule

  • July 7-8 River Adventure – Life Hacks & Habits for a Better Life Today see details here Save on Early Registration
  • August : Motivation & Wonder River Adventure – Dinosaur National Monument

Ongoing Groups & Programs:

A Lighter You in 90 Days!

Are you tired of doing weight loss the hard way? Are you tired of dieting, counting calories and starving yourself?

Find the EASIER way to healthy life and healthy body with the A Lighter You program. These are the tools and skills I used to lose 40 pounds -and have kept it off without dieting, without counting calories or starving myself. And I’ve kept it off easily for 11 years now. You’ll learn HOW to change the REAL reasons we gain weight: Old Habits, Cravings, Mental Blocks, Lack of Motivation and Self Sabotage! This program combines online and in person access to:

  • A Lighter You Train Your Brain to Slim Your Body Book (pdf)
  • A Lighter You Health Coach’s Guide to Nutrition in Action (pdf)
  • A Lighter You Mind Body Weight Loss Hypnosis Audios
  • Webinars including Gentle Detox, Intuitive Eating, Motivation and more
  • Live Support Call Monthly
  • Mind Body Weight Loss Passes
  • Private Facebook Group

All this wrapped up in  90 Day program: Join the Community here  Find out WHY Diets haven’t worked and what to do instead at

Brain Training for Business

NEW Online Series starts July 15 – Aug. 8. See details about the Brain Training for Business

This dynamic program combines: Marketing KNOW HOW  + BRAIN POWER + COMMUNITY & SUPPORT so you can grow your Success!

When I first started my business in 2006, I was totally unprepared, but I was determined – so I jumped in. I struggled and struggled in my first 3 years. I wasted thousands of dollars on advertising that didn’t work.  But as I stuck with it and found great support and amazing teachers, I’ve distilled the Marketing KNOW HOW down for you.

You don’t have to struggle like I did, get the KNOW HOW for Marketing & Business, the BRAIN TRAINING for Motivation, Focus & Confidence, and the Support for Your Success!

And yes, I wrote a book about it. (I seem to have a compulsion for creating content).

Hypnosis CD to Change Money Stress and Increase Income1.Business & Marketing Know How: Through Easy to Follow Modules, you’ll learn the need to know information that you can apply in your business right away. Topics include: Marketing Strategies, The Psychology of Marketing, Boosting Productivity, Enhancing Your Vision & Focus, Creating Ease with Money and more. Plus you’ll find templates for planning, tracking your success and more.

2. Hypnosis Meditations for Business: You can ‘Train Your Brain for Focus, Confidence, Clarity and Motivation. With easy online access you can either follow the month to month program or get Instant Access. You’ll learn both skills you can use everyday PLUS enjoy the Hypnosis Meditations over and over for focusing your mind, clearing your vision, problem solving and more.

Small Business Coaching and Support3. Business Motivation & Growth Community Support:As a small business owner, you don’t have to go it alone. Learn, share, connect and grow your success with others on the entrepreneurial journey. Having a support system can be essential to finding new perspectives, learning from others, connecting with other business owners and sharing your experience. We meet twice monthly for connection, learning and motivation and marketing insights.

NEW Online Series starts July 15 – Aug. 8. See details about the Brain Training for Business

Holly Stokes, The Brain Trainer


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