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Disappointment – What’s for Dessert?

How do you deal with disappointment? Well I faced disappointment this week. I was headed to Portland to run the Deschutes, the river where I used to work as a whitewater guide in my ‘glory days’ (heehee)  in Oregon. I was so excited to get out on the water again and the thrill of the [...]

Depression and the Mind Trap of Comparison

Facebook and Depression: What's the Mind Trap? I just read an article about social media and the recent research. It says some of the findings are that people who used social media very frequently had 2.7 times more depression.  Why are people feeling depressed when they get on facebook? Read the full article in forbes [...]

Forest Bathing for Health & Happiness

Forest bathing now trending Forest bathing is a new take on an ancient theme. We know time in nature is therapeutic and healing. It can rebalance our mind, relieve stress and be a welcome ritual of renewal. And now scientific studies are proving what we’ve intuitively known. Forest bathing is not getting naked in nature [...]

Nature Reduces Stress, Improves Mood, Focus and the Brain

This is my favorite kind of classroom with the Red Rock background of Sedona, Arizona. What a fabulous trip! I love combining nature and adventure along with 'brain training' for the insights and ahas to move life forward. There is something about nature that can clear your mind and heart  - and recharge your soul [...]

Burnout on Goals? What about Fun Goals?

Ahhh...the NEW YEAR! The New Year often brings feelings of hope, renewed commitment and excitement. It’s like a new chapter of life, blank pages lined out before you waiting for your creative hand. We are inspired by possibilities of what we can create. And if we are detailed and focused - we might even create [...]

What are your money patterns?

Learn to Clear Your Money Blocks & Patterns with NLP Classes in Salt Lake City. We've all heard of the lottery winners who win big....and then promptly lose it all within 2 years (96% of lottery winners lose it) How could that be?  The patterns that we operate from everyday are controlled by our deeper [...]

Healthier Holiday Conversations

3 Tips to have healthier conversations this holiday season. Ahh….the holidays – family, food and talk about the past election, where we may have very divided opinions about religion and politics. Here’s some tips for getting along with family through the holidays: Avoid certain subjects. Agree to keep conversations off of topics you don't agree [...]

Small Business Coaching and Support Classes

Are you tired of wasting time and money trying to find clients? When I first started my business 10 years ago, I was completely unprepared –but I was passionate. I really wanted to help people and I knew what NLP & Hypnosis had done for me. So I set out as the 'Dreambuilder' Coach. And [...]

Watch Master NLP Life Coach at Work

  Watch a Master NLP Life Coach at Work This past week, I watched the documentary of Tony Robbins, ‘I’m not your Guru’ on Netflix. Tony is well known for his background as an NLP Life Coach and holding massive events, helping people break through their walls and experience breaking limits - like the firewalk. [...]

By | October 31st, 2016|Communication, depression, Family dynamics, Goal Achievement, Life Coaching, Life Happiness, Life Purpose, Mindset for Success, NLP|Comments Off on Watch Master NLP Life Coach at Work

What are your relationship patterns?

What are your relationship patterns? When I think back on my relationship with my ex, it’s tempting to make him wrong for what he didn’t do or how he treated me. And many of us get stuck there – I was there for awhile. But there is a danger in making the ex wrong. If [...]

By | October 25th, 2016|Communication, depression, Family dynamics, Grief, Habits, Healthy Living, Life Coaching, Life Purpose, Meditation, Mind Traps, Mindset for Success, NLP, Stress Relief|Comments Off on What are your relationship patterns?
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