Facebook and Depression: What’s the Mind Trap?

I just read an article about social media and the recent research. It says some of the findings are that people who used social media very frequently had 2.7 times more depression.  Why are people feeling depressed when they get on facebook? Read the full article in forbes here.


But why is this?  What is the reason that people are feeling depressed from facebook?

They must be doing something internally to trigger the depression.

What are they thinking as they scroll through the updates?


There are brain habits that make life easier and there are brain habits that make life harder. A very common brain habit that I help people rewire is comparison. If you find yourself comparing – STOP IT!

I don’t mean to be harsh but this one will drive you nuts.

The Side Effects of Comparison

How do you feel when you compare yourself to others and you come in as less than? We don’t feel ‘good enough,’ we focus on what we are not doing, maybe even how we imagine we’ve failed.

But what about the opposite side – if you compare yourself to others who aren’t doing as well as you?  You might get a boost because you are doing better than them, but then the side effect in that comparison, the mind says  ‘they are not enough, they are not measuring up.’

This is a recipe for criticism and judgment. When we criticize others – we are also unconsciously criticizing ourselves. When we criticize or devalue others – we are also unconsciously buying  into the idea that some people are more worthy and deserving.

Comparison hurts.  Whether you come out as less than – or come out as better than.

Most people post the highlights on facebook anyway – so be aware that although you scroll through and see everyone is on vacation, out of that one week 10% of your friends are going 10 out of 100 – but it can seem like ‘everyone else is out having fun.’

So if you find yourself comparing – don’t go there. Recognize everyone has different gifts and talents. Everyone is in the process of learning and growing through life, including yourself.

It’s okay to be where-ever you are.

And if you find yourself getting jealous – well don’t sit around going green – get out and do something. Let the activities of others inspire you.

If others are doing great things – it means you can too.

In NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming, we have a saying. If one person can do something – anyone can do it. If one person is doing something – it means its within human possibility.

Instead of Comparison, Criticism or Jealousy -What if you were to Celebrate Others Successes?

When you celebrate the success of others, you are unconsciously giving yourself permission to succeed!

Here’s to happy facebooking!

Get Off the Goal Setting Hamster Wheel

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