Do you have mental blocks to money?

Take a moment to get quiet and think of ‘Money’ and notice what thoughts and feelings come to mind now. Sit back, close your eyes and think of it now.

Are you stressed or dissappointed with your money?Do you go into stress response when you think of money? Do you feel tension, worry or concern when you think of money?

If we feel stress or worry with money, our brain might be operating from stress habits around money, causing create interference at the UNCONSCIOUS level in regards to our ability to earn and generate income.

Stress with money creates interference at the Unconscious level.

If you have a conscious goal to generate more  money, but your unconscious mind has resistance to money- which part do you think will win?

Money has a bad reputation, but it’s not money’s fault. Money is a tool, it can be used for good or ill. There are examples of people using money for power over others or seeking money at the cost of others, but there are also examples of people using their money to improve people’s lives and make a difference in the world.

When we learn to see money as simply an exchange of energy, we can find new levels of well being and even comfort with it. Think of it as a flow of energy, money flows in and money flows out. It is a process of flow.

Sometimes we have experiences that then create stress habits or mental blocks to the flow of money.

When I was a 13 year old, I got a $20 bill for helping my parents at our family greenhouse. I left it in my room on the shelf.

While I was gone, my younger brother went into my room to play with my pet lovebird, Magwitch and he found the $20 bill. He thought of all the things he could buy with the money, and he took it.

Later I came home and found the money was gone. I had been so excited to earn the money, and now I felt the full force of loss of a 13 year old separated from treasure and the promise of possibility.

Even though my parents gave me a new $20 bill, the mental block stuck, and I picked up a fear of people taking my money. So I started hiding my money in my books around my room -and then I couldn’t remember where I’d hidden it!

This fear and mental block created a money habit of hide and seek with money.

Can you imagine living your life with the idea “If I make too much money, people will take it from me?”  That didn’t work out too well for me.

Luckily, I found the skills of NLP and Hypnosis, I learned HOW to clear mental blocks like this at the Unconscious level and create BRAIN habits for money to increase income and build wealth.

Are you ready to clear your UNCONSCIOUS resistance to money?

If you’ve been struggling with money, think of it as piecing together the right pieces of the puzzle to stress less with money, relax into the flow of money and enjoy receiving money more.

To get to this ease and flow with money, you have to address the stress habits and Unconscious mental blocks. And these mental blocks can be really sneaky, because they are Unconscious.

Learn to put together your money puzzle with your brain.Join me for a Full Day NLP Training event, ‘Mind Mastery: 7 Levels of Wealth’ Sat. Mar. 19, 9:30-5:30, in which I’ll share with you the BRAIN skills for identifying the Unconscious blocks, clearing them, and creating positive money habits allowing you to relax into the flow of money with greater ease.

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What stress habits do you notice with money?

In the comments below, share what resolving these stress patterns and creating greater ease and flow with money would allow you to have, do or be: (ex. I am enjoying freedom and adventure) …