I just wanted to give big heart hugs to anyone who has been triggered by the #Metoo campaign rolling through facebook. People posted on their statuses #Metoo if they had been sexually threatened or hurt. For some of those posting #metoo it was their first time that anyone knew this had happened to them.

Here’s a few tips for clearing emotions and getting back to your center.

  • Cry it out. Crying is cathartic. Let yourself feel it. Cry into it, wrap your arms around yourself, and go to the center of it, or underneath the emotion of it – and it will clear.
  • Scream it out. I did this the other day driving down the road, the windows rolled up. I probably really should have pulled over, but I was on a backstreet, not a busy road – so a reminder be safe – but screaming can help you reclaim your voice.
  • Tap it out. Emotional Freedom Technique method, here: www.emofree.com It’s an easy way to get back to baseline, helps the nervous system clear the emotions, it’s based on the meridian points they use in acupuncture, and I’ve found it works just as well doing just one or two points.  Start by tapping on the top of your head while saying the phrase, “Even though I feel this _________(emotion) I totally and completely love and accept myself.” Continue tapping and saying the phrase. In just a few minutes, you can feel the emotion of it subside and begin to clear.
  • Breathe it out. Yes, acknowledge it, and breathe through it.
  • Write it out. Journal about it. Let your feelings be acknowledged. When I do a brain dump I start with this, then I can look through and clear the ideas and beliefs that are attached with the feelings.
  • Sit in a nature spot. Send the emotion down into the earth – let the healing light come back to you.

Let the emotion be heard – acknowledged – and it will pass. Come back to your center.

Let the light fill in. I like to imagine a healing light shining through the top of my head down to the bottoms of my feet, let the light fill into the hurt places, let it wrap around you, let it wrap around the younger you. I imagine a blanket of light wrapping around the places that felt scared, vulnerable or hurt.

You come from love – The truth of you is love – The Core of you is love

Have compassion for yourself, use light, connect with family and friends, take care of you. Self care is really important. When we heal sometimes it brings up body memories, just know you are okay, its that your body is healing as you let it go.

You are not alone. You can heal.

Self Care – Self Care – Self Care. Get a pedicure, take a bath with essential oils and epson salts, play with your dog or cat, enjoy the sun and the sky, revel in a favorite food. So much of life is good. Get hugs from family and friends.

Remember: You are loved. You are valuable. You are worthy. You are deserving of respect. You are important. You are special.

It’s hard to see so many people affected by it, but its a good sign that its coming to light so it can heal. We are having powerful conversations about respect. We are having powerful conversations about empathy and compassion. We are having powerful conversations about healthy role models.

What the world needs is more Respect. It’s coming up so it can heal. We heal in layers, be patient. Keep bringing the light in – keep bringing the kindness to yourself.

There are caring professionals that know how to support you in your healing process if you need help.