This is my favorite kind of classroom with the Red Rock background of Sedona, Arizona. What a fabulous trip!

I love combining nature and adventure along with ‘brain training’ for the insights and ahas to move life forward. There is something about nature that can clear your mind and heart  – and recharge your soul for your life and work or business.

Research Shows Nature Relieves Stress, Improves Mood and Health.

There is a growing field of research called Eco Psychology that looks at our connection with nature and how it relates to our stress levels, our mood and our health.

Research is proving what so many indigenous cultures have already known – that our minds and bodies need connection to nature.  Tons of articles recognize the effects of grass, plants and trees on our stress levels and mood.

Stress is the number one underlying common cause of most of our illness and disease. The Center for Disease control estimates that 90% of doctor visits are related to stress factors. As a culture, we need to de-stress – and nature is key.

In our everyday – city life mind, we routinely use a Beta brainwave which is a fast paced and scattered wave pattern. However, after 24 hours in nature, our mind naturally slows, the brainwave pattern synchronizes and we enter an Alpha brainwave.  In an Alpha brainwave state, creativity boosts, inspiration increases and the body slips into self healing modes.

If you are stressed, you could be suffering from ‘Nature Deficiency Syndrome’ characterized by foggy and scattered thinking, feelings that you are missing something, and overall poor mood. (Haha – I named it!)

As your Coach, I’m telling you to make time for recharging yourself.  Schedule your fun, schedule time for nature. It can be as easy as walking in your backyard with bare feet  or taking a walk to a local park or having dinner at an outside restaurant or picnic. We are part of the natural world, we are meant to connect with the earth, to be around living things, plants, birds, sun and sky.

Can’t get outside much? Bring nature indoors. Foster a plant or a pet. Both are known to have therapeutic effects on mood and health. Notice how the feeling of a room changes when you have a living plant to brighten the space and clean the air.

Does the brainwave stuff intrigue you?

Learn to slip into Alpha brainwaves for self healing at the class Wed. April 19, Self Healing with Hypnosis, 6:00-7:30 pm.  We’ll cover simple self hypnosis techniques you can use to increase well being and engage your body’s self healing response. Get tickets here

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