Dinosaur-National-MonumentNot all business is best in a classroom. In fact, the Utah way of doing business involves the great outdoors.

Utah is a great place to work and to live with an international reputation for its active outdoor scene. The Outdoor Industry Association found that active outdoor recreation brings $5.8 billion to Utah’s economy out of estimated $6.8 billion from travelers annually. (According to http://www.ourpubliclands.org/public-lands-report-ut )

Maybe you’ve noticed a difference in your mood when you head outdoors on a hike or enjoy a picnic or barbeque in a scenic spot.  You may have felt the stress of city life fade away, a deeper relaxation or boost in your mood.

Research now explains what Utahns have known and felt, that nature is good for you and also good for your brain!

According to ‘Scientifically supported reasons to get outside,’ time in nature has been linked to both short and long term boosts in attention spans, boosts in serotonin, and increased activity in the areas of the brain linked to empathy, emotional stability and love. http://news.health.com/2014/09/29/health-benefits-of-nature/

Capitalizing on the benefits of nature, Personal and Professional Development Coach, Holly Stokes, The Brain Trainer, is doing ‘Brain Training’ and Motivation Utah style – outside.

Aug. 5 – 7 she launches a new program: Motivation & Wonder River Adventure through Dinosaur National Monument. In this new course offering, she’ll bring together Brain Skills for Motivation, Experiential Education, plus story and metaphor to incorporate deep level change.

Motivation River AdventureShe says, “Before I was a Coach and Hypnotherapist, I traveled around the Western states as an outdoor wilderness backpacker and whitewater guide. I noted firsthand the healing power of the outdoors and I’ve wanted to bring that power, motivation and well being of the outdoors into everyday life – so what better way than to take the ‘Brain Training’ skills of Hypnosis and Neuro Linguistic Programming plus Coaching into nature’s classroom for a weekend?

She says, “As a Life & Business Coach, over the years I have identified patterns. So when business owners and busy professionals come in and say they want more motivation, I’ve learned to ask, ‘What are you doing for fun?’

Sometimes I get confused looks, but then I watch as the lights go on when I explain that your fun and passions are the batteries that fuel your motivation in life and business. “

When we get busy, we forget that and we spend more time stressing out – which makes us more unproductive – rather than recharging our batteries.  So it’s my vision to bring professionals out to the magic of wonder of Dinosaur National Monument and to take home with them the Brain Skills and Motivation and be more effective in their life and business. I want them to take home memories and inner skills that will last a lifetime.”

The Brain Trainer programs are just a small example of the Utah way of doing business by recharging your batteries in the great outdoors.

“A 2013 bipartisan poll conducted by the Colorado College State of the Rockies Project showed that a huge majority of Utah voters (91%) engage in at least one outdoor recreation activity on a regular basis. Sixty-six percent (66%) hike and camp regularly.” According to Utah Public Lands Website and Report.  http://www.ourpubliclands.org/public-lands-report-ut

There are several studies now showing us what we’ve known and felt all along, not only is nature good for you, it’s good for your brain.

This summer find your fun locally to recharge your energy and reboot your brain. Getting outdoors is good for your body and your brain.

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