Are you stuck in Overwhelm?

Ahh the holidays – more get togethers, more parties, more time with family – more demands on our time – more expectations….and more stress.

Our brains are kind of funny in that we can either use logic or emotions, but we can’t really use them both at the same time. So when we are stressed, our body goes into fight or flight and our mind can’t use logic, we experience scattered thinking, which all then creates more stress.

Often when we feel overwhelmed, the mind sees everything as important. If everything is important, we then can’t focus, we feel distracted, symptoms of ADHD, and our mind goes squirrely…..squirrel.

When we are in overwhelm, we find ourselves spinning our wheels, making poor decisions and without focused effort and attention.

Overwhelm Reliever.

A very simple first step is to ask the mind to prioritize. And it’s rather easy to do.

Just take 5 minutes. Close your eyes, and say this.

“I ask my unconscious mind (expanded awareness) to prioritize my day’s tasks by what’s firstly most important – pause – then what’s secondly most important – pause and thirdly most important – pause.”

Notice what it brings to mind for each pause. When we create internal calm and internal mental organization first, it gets much easier to problem solve, put the right pieces in place and get to your focus.

When the mind prioritizes for you, it gets easier. You may also have to establish your criteria for prioritization. What do you want to create today, do you want to get more done? Do you want more work –life balance? Do you want to make more money? When your mind knows what you want, its easy for it to arrange an order to get there.

Once you’re out of overwhelm and into priorities, your day is as easy as 1-2-3.

If you liked this exercise as a business owner, you’ll also find the Brain Training for Business program very helpful for keeping focus, productivity, marketing and sales. For many businesses, the holidays are a slow season and it’s a great time to work on your business.

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