Perhaps Love

I thought I’d share my next song that I’m working on with my voice coach. (aside: I just took up singing this year – partly because the same breathing used in singing is the same used in public speaking when you don’t want to wear your voice out and I’m really enjoying that it’s adding more creative expression into my life and more fun into my commute).

Anywho I thought this song appropo for the holiday season and I so love John Denver’s intro in the beginning of it.

Sometimes we get stuck with love

Sometimes we get stuck in the idea that love comes from a specific source –  a partner, a spouse, a friend – and we don’t recognize all the many ways and forms that love is showing up for us- even everyday.

So as you listen, I invite you to ask, What are all the smallest of ways love shows up in my life?

Perhaps Love by John Denver


The holidays are times for creating memories, and as you might know in working with Neuro Linguistics (NLP), we don’t have to wait for a feeling to land upon us, we can tap into a feeling even as simply as you think about – or even as simply as you hear a song about it.

If you are feeling isolated this season, or we can even feel alone surrounded in a sea of people – we can be more intentional in allowing our hearts to fill up on the good stuff.

What are you feeding your heart?

When I’m feeling low, I imagine a light pouring through the top of my head into my heart, and I let the light fill up the spaces that feel empty, or you can even imagine a blanket of light wrapping around any part of you that feels vulnerable, frustrated or lonely.

The holidays are times for making memories. This season, let’s be more intentional in what we want to create, to feel and to remember this season.

There are so many ways to connect, find places in your local community or shift your focus in making someone else’s holiday season better. Maybe you have friends and family members, neighbors or others who would appreciate some extra care and support this season.

As we notice the many ways that love shows up in our life, we can fill up on the good stuff, have more to share and expand the quality of our experience – even in the smallest of moments.

  • What are the small ways that love is showing up for you?
  • What memories are you making that will last you a lifetime?
  • What moments can you cherish right now?

And how are you a source of love in your life – and the lives of others? Don’t underestimate your ability to stretch your heart and embrace the season.

Perhaps love is written in heart already in so many ways.

Big hugs to you this holiday season.

Here’s to Your Health, Happiness and Success!