Key Principle of Money Growth: Giving Back

A key principle to having a great relationship with money is to give to causes that you want to see grow in the world. When you donate, share resources, or give your time to great causes that you believe in, you tell your unconscious mind that your success helps others.

You also tell your unconscious mind that you are expanding your personal power, your ability to affect the world around you, your ability to make a difference in people’s lives.

 As you succeed, you help others succeed.

Who benefits beyond you when you succeed? Your family? Your community? Your great causes?

We are all interconnected. Money makes the world go round, passes goods and services along in a flow of energy. Will you pass some alone to those who’ve been devastated by Hurricane Maria?

We Care Puerto Rica, Fri. Nov. 10, 6 – 11pm.  Fundraiser

After experiencing Hurricane Maria firsthand in Puerto Rico, Angie Schwab has returned to Utah. She is teaming up with the nonprofit organization, Magnificent 7, and the Utah Dream Team to create this fundraising event.

Get your tickets now and I’ll see you there!

This event puts the FUN in Fundraiser.

Share in the comments your favorite charities and causes.