Small Business Coaching and SupportAre you tired of wasting time and money trying to find clients?

When I first started my business 10 years ago, I was completely unprepared –but I was passionate. I really wanted to help people and I knew what NLP & Hypnosis had done for me.

So I set out as the ‘Dreambuilder’ Coach. And I showed up to networking events excited to get started, I gave my elevator pitch…and I got crickets.

But I had a vision…and so I set out to learn what I didn’t know. 

And I struggled…and struggled….and struggled. I wasted thousands of dollars on marketing and thousands of dollars on business education – some helped – others didn’t.

Thankfully I had a marketing Coach that understood the psychology of marketing. ‘People buy mostly to fix a problem, know what problems your services solve,’ she said.

So I changed my pitch, ‘I help people ‘train their brain’ out of fear, anxiety, negative thinking and self sabotage.’ And it started to work.

Just knowing how to market your business is not enough!

But even as I learned marketing and the psychology of sales, I figured out what to do, but my efforts still weren’t paying off to the extent that they should have been….until I went to a deeper level – the automatic mind or unconscious.  I learned to identify and clear the mental blocks I had with money.

Money meant stress, conflict and block to spirituality ‘You can’t be spiritual and have money.’  Of course my automatic mind didn’t want it. As I changed these at the deeper level of the mind – it started to turn around for me.

Over the last 10 years experience in business, both my own experience and working with over 1,000 business owners on Motivation, Focus, and Confidence…I’ve found the skills to help you clear the blocks with money, confidence and success – both personally and professionally.

Just knowing what to do is not enough – we also need the brain habits to follow through on what we know.

Let me share with you understanding the brain habits and patterns that get in the way – AND what to do about them.

It can be overwhelming and confusing to know where to start or what to do. Over the last 10 years in business and working with over 1,000 business owners, I created a breakthrough program that gives you both the KNOW HOW + The BRAIN POWER to get clients now, grow your business and share your gifts, talents and life purpose with the world.

Join me live in Salt Lake City or online for:

Thurs. Nov. 10: Brain Power Your Small Business with Hypnosis 6:30-8:00. This course combines the KNOW HOW of what to do to market your business and get your first 100 clients. PLUS BRAIN POWER to follow through on what you know! This 6 week class for small business owners can help you know what to do and find the power to follow through.

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