Life Changing Immersion Retreats

Join us for Retreat Immersion programs of 2-7 days of intensive and rejuvenating experiences.

Before I was ever a Life Coach and Hypnotherapist, I was a professional backpacker and wilderness guide for 8 years and a whitewater rafting guide for 3 years. I saw first hand the effect of nature on troubled teens as we hiked in Utah’s back country.

A few times a year I lead, cohost or faciliatate groups combining the power of Nature, Personal Growth and Brain Training for powerful results.

Because of the extended time, we can incorporate more skills and learning into your experience. Plus, the relaxing soothing nature of the outdoors can help you integrate even more quickly than you normally would – and leave you feeling refreshed and renewed for your city life.

Plus, our groups have been so much fun, bringing people together through shared experiences – the connections with other group members really creates a community.

Research shows that time in nature offers BRAIN and HEALTH benefits:

  • Improved Mood
  • Improved Memory
  • Increased Focus
  • Stress Relief
  • Renewed Motivation
  • Increased Well-being

You probably recognize these feelings in yourself when you take time to walk in the park, head out into the words or going out to the lake. It’s that refreshing feeling of renewal that calms the mind and body.

Read more about the research and health benefits of nature with these articles:

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