Watch a Master NLP Life Coach at Work

This past week, I watched the documentary of Tony Robbins, ‘I’m not your Guru’ on Netflix.

NLP Training & Life Coach Training CertificationTony is well known for his background as an NLP Life Coach and holding massive events, helping people break through their walls and experience breaking limits – like the firewalk.

It was so awesome to see Tony at work. As I watched Tony at work, he instantly recognized the real issues behind what people were talking about.

Often what people say is the problem isn’t really the problem.

For one girl, she said she wanted to eat healthier, but Tony went to the core issue and asked about the relationship with her father. It wasn’t really about her diet, it was about wanting love and acceptance.

Her mind was saying, ‘If I lose weight (she was already a skinny girl) then I will be loved, then I will be accepted.’

Masterfully done Tony. And I would expect nothing less of him as he was in fact with the cofounders of NLP in the early days of its creation in Berkley and he built his business and seminars with NLP. (NLP is Neuro Linguistic Programming or how the brain codes information and how to use that code to effect positive change quickly. I call it Brain Training).

He knew just what to say and how to help people shift in minutes and even seconds. This is the power of NLP and Coaching….

With this understanding of positive psychology, we understand that what drives behavior often comes from a deeper source or underlying level. When you get to the core issue and address the real problem, behaviors can change quickly -even instantly.

Calling All Parents, Teachers, Coaches, Spouses, Managers, Singles and Speakers.

How would it be to know the right words to say to get people ‘unstuck’ and shift quickly? How would it be to inspire yourself and others into confidence and action?

Yes there is a skill set to know what to say, and how to say it – you could inspire yourself and the people in your life and business to higher levels of themselves.

Coach Training ProgramWould you like to be a better spouse? A better manager? A better friend? A better you? Get the skills!

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If you haven’t seen the movie,  make a night of it.  Pop some popcorn (or should I say get some veggie sticks) and watch a Master Coach at work. You’ll be inspired and learn a little bit more about psychology – what we think, feel and do as humans.

Humans are fascinating and way cool!