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Learn to Clear Your Money Blocks & Patterns with NLP Classes in Salt Lake City.

We’ve all heard of the lottery winners who win big….and then promptly lose it all within 2 years (96% of lottery winners lose it) How could that be? 

The patterns that we operate from everyday are controlled by our deeper mind – the unconscious or automatic mind. Your money is a result of how your brain is wired. We are aware of our money habits and behaviors. But we are often unaware of our unconscious money programs running in the background of the mind.

Here’s how the brain creates money habits and programs

When the bills come in, if you feel stress and think, ‘I don’t know if there’s enough to pay the bills.’ Your mind is still recording this response of stress and worry  in the background  of your mind.

If we repeat the pattern several times – the brain automates this response and turns it into a habit that money means stress and worry.

So now if your mind has ‘decided’ that money = stress and worry, your automatic mind will avoid money to save you stress and worry, thus repelling the very money you desire. (LOL- It’s doing you a favor!)

Your Brain Could Be Repelling the Very Money and Wealth that You Desire.

If your unconscious mind has blocks to money, it doesn’t matter how hard you work, it doesn’t matter how much you scrimp and save or plan, you’ll be limited in the amount of money you can receive and enjoy.

If you’ve noticed repeating patterns with money – stress, worry, fear – it means the patterns are ingrained into the unconscious mind or automatic mind. So positive affirmations just don’t cut it because the unconscious doesn’t get the updates.

You’ll learn how to go from Surviving to Thriving with Money:
Come discover how to break through your own glass ceiling and how to grow your money tree. Learn powerful processes to align your unconscious mind to greater wealth and prosperity – and enjoy greater levels of money and well being.

Piece Together Your Money Puzzle with Your Brain

  • Take the Assessment to Find your UNCONSCIOUS Money Blocks.
  • Learn a Powerful Process to Transform the Mental Money Blocks at the Unconscious Level.
  • Identify how to Generate Greater Income with the Current Opportunities Available.
  • Learn to tap into Intuition with Your Inner Money Manager.
  • Discover the Formula that Allows Your Mind to Embrace Abundance.

You’ll learn advanced Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) processes that you can apply to identify and transform the blocks, align your unconscious to wealth and prosperity and find greater ease and enjoyment in life. This gives you the formula to boost your income not only for the moment, but on into the future, allowing your mind to expand as your money grows.

Over the last 18 months, I used these money principles to:

  • Double and Triple my Monthly Income
  • Grow my Business from Ground Zero in a New City (Salt Lake City from Portland, OR)
  • Find Greater Ease with the Flow of Money
  • and Enjoy Life More

Money is still a process… I’m not a millionaire ( yet- LOL ), but I don’t worry and stress about money the way that I used to, I have extra money available for my needs, travel and the fun things I enjoy.  And I continually see the next opportunities on the horizon for opening up to the next levels of wealth.

You can ‘train your brain’ to relax into the flow of money, you can find ease and joy with money and with your life. And with this amazing BRAIN Skill set, you’ll know how to grow your mind with your money for each new level of wealth and prosperity for you.

Next Mind Mastery – 7 Levels of Wealth Class: Sat. Dec. 10, 9:30-5:30

Full training, learn the skills that will last you a lifetime!

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