Marketing & Motivation to Grow Your Business with Your Brain!

Fri. Feb. 17, 1:00 – 4:00 pm.

Location: 555 E. 4500 S. Suite C-250 Murray, UT 84107

According to the Small Business Association, 50% of businesses fail within the first 5 years! Don’t be a statistic and find out what you need to know to stack the odds.

Small Business classes for marketing, sales and motivation, focus and confidenceSo many small business owners struggle with feeling overwhelmed, isolated and not knowing what to do or where to start. There is a lot of information out there and it can be very confusing:

  • ‘you must be on social media’
  • ‘you must have a website’
  • ‘you must have a networking group’
  • ‘you must be on google’
  • ‘you must have a blog’

But not all of these marketing activities will pay off quickly – or even ever if they are not done right.

….And how do you know which avenue is the best for you and your business?

So many business owners start their business thinking that it will give them more time and more money, only to find that they have less of both. You don’t have to continue to struggle. You don’t have to go it alone.

As a Small Business Owner, your Success in Business is the result of your marketing Know How. And even if you know what to do and how to make it effective, there is another piece that other programs aren’t covering – YOUR BRAIN!

YOUR BRAIN is the missing piece of the puzzle that most Business Porgrams are missing! Just knowing what to do is not enough – you must get your brain on board to follow through.

Small Business Coaching and Support

Your Brain determines what you follow through on and actually do. If you’ve struggled with knowing what to do to market your business…. if you’ve struggled with procrastination….lack of motivation and self sabotage, this course is for you!

 Get the KNOW HOW of Marketing PLUS the Motivation for Your BRAIN to Follow through!

Discover how to Focus your Mind and get the keys to Motivation so that you can create what you want in life and business.

Learn the skills, strategies and tools to Market and Grow your Business, PLUS the Motivation to Do It!

Marketing is really about Psychology and human behavior. If you want people to buy from you, there are specific things you need to address so that they can make a good decision about your products and services.

DeMystify Marketing: 

There are several pieces to making marketing work for you. Learn the skill sets to recognizing good marketing and how to create your compelling offer to make your marketing pay you back.

  • Top 10 Worst Marketing Mistakes – Learn from the mistakes of others, find out what not to do, and what to do instead to Make your Marketing Magic.
  • Psychology of Marketing & Sales – Why do people buy? What are the criteria that makes your marketing work?
  • Marketing and Messages that are Remembered – Discover what it takes to be remembered, to stand out, to craft your message so that people will listen.
  • Prioritize Your Plan for Productivity – Learn skills for productivity that make it easy to follow through. Discover tools and skills to increase focus and productivity. Let go of scatterbrain and teach your mind to stick with it and complete your tasks.

Plus, learn about human behavior and applied psychology to ‘train your brain’ for Focus, Confidence and Motivation, the Mind Stuff that gets in the way. Here’s just some of what we’ll cover in the event:

Master Your Mind with NLP Skills Neuro Linguistic Programming. 

The Neuro refers to the neurons of the brain, Linguistic refers to our language and Programming refers to our past history that has created how our brain is wired. When you learn the practical skills of NLP, you can apply them to how you think, how you feel and what you do.

  • Motivation – Learn how to boost your motivation just by thinking about it! What your mind focuses on creates your motivation – and that determines what you follow through on and do.
  • Personal Power –Tap into your capability, confidence and ability to create and do. When you engage your personal power, you can achieve what you set out to do.
  • Self Sabotage – Learn how to help your mind overcome sabotage. It can feel like, there is a part of me that wants to and a part of me that doesn’t. Find out how to bring the saboteur onboard with your goals, allowing your success to come easier.

Save time and money with business coachingGet the Skills that will Save you Money, Save you Time, and help you Grow Your Business Faster!

You don’t have to struggle ….there are shortcuts and easier ways to achieve the success you desire.

Join us for the 3 hour training workshop. Get the skills for your BRAIN and BUSINESS to create a business that you love AND that loves you back.

  • Are you ready to reach more people?
  • Are you ready to be more effective in finding and keeping clients?
  • Are you ready to make more money?

Isn’t it time to stop struggling with knowing what to do – and trying to make yourself do it? Are you really ready to grow your business?

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About Holly Stokes, The Brain Trainer
Holly Stokes, The Brain Trainer, is a third time author, her upcoming book ‘Mind Traps’ reveals the thought viruses that keep us stuck and what to do about them.  She has more than 20 years experience in the field of applied psychology and worked with several thousand clients in ‘rewiring’ the brain.

She is the creator of A Lighter You System which teaches people to ‘rewire’ cravings, mental blocks, lack of motivation and self sabotage for healthy life and weight loss. She has been quoted by Shape Magazine, Active Times and Chicago Tribune and appears on radio shows and local TV. She says, “Whatever you want to create in your life – the answers are in your brain.”

Books by Holly Stokes

  • Visioneering Business: Designing Your Business with You in Mind Guidebook
  • A Lighter You! Train Your Brain to Slim Your Body
  • A Lighter You! Health Coach’s Guide to Nutrition in Action
  • Mind Traps: How to Rewire the Mental Blocks of Procrastination, Hesitation and Self Sabotage.

CDs by Holly Stokes

  • Instant Motivation with Your Brain
  • Set Up Your Mind for Success
  • Train Your Brain for Wealth & Prosperity
  • Angel Eyes & Inspired Self Image (Confidence)