Frustrated with GoalsAre you struggling with the same goals over and over?

Does it seem like making a change is taking one step forward only to take two steps back? Or, perhaps you’ve experienced procrastination or self sabotage.

Hi, I’m Holly Stokes, The Brain Trainer. I draw on several brain training disciplines to get you REAL results! Harness the power of Coaching, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Hypnosis to train the brain and clear the mental blocks. Find your path to health, happiness, and success.

No matter what your goals, if you are ready for a breakthrough, then you are ready for the “brain training” approach. What if you were able to finally clear the mental blocks and have an amazing life?

What more do you want out of life?

* Do you want to lose weight?
* Do you want to enjoy better health and have more energy?
* Do you want more loving and supportive relationships?
* Do you want to find your soulmate?
* Are you recovering from divorce?
* Do you want to feel better, happier and more balanced?
* Do you want to power up your career or business?

No matter what your goals, it’s how your brain is wired that makes all the difference. Through the experiences of life, we pick up mental blocks or beliefs that operate as unconscious programs and they affect everything that we do and keep us spinning our wheels.

Unlock the power of your brainMental blocks are responsible for lack of motivation, procrastination and self sabotage.

For example, if you believe ‘it’s hard to lose weight,’  then your brain focuses on weight loss programs that are hard because it matches that belief.  This becomes a self fulfilling prophecy as your mind believes it, so it focuses on it, so it finds weight loss programs that are hard, so you have the experience ‘weight loss is hard’ which reinforces that belief.

These limiting beliefs trip us up in many ways. We can have mental blocks about anything: love, money, relationships, weight, health, and the most problematic ones are limiting beliefs or blocks about who we are.

“I’m not good enough” is the most common mental block or limiting belief that I run across in my work. This is usually picked up when we are children and compare ourselves to older children. A six year old body is just more capable than a four year old body. Once we pick it up and repeat it, the unconscious mind then takes it on as an automatic  program.

Consciously you may know that it’s not true.

But your unconscious mind can still be running the old program.

It’s an underlying feeling that takes away from your triumphs, it keeps you from stretching yourself and going for what you want and it takes away your motivation and the ability to enjoy your life.

It’s not enough to disbelieve it. If it’s running in your unconscious mind, it’s already automatic.

Have you tried affirmations? They feel good for the moment you say them, but then your brain goes right back to its old habits and the unconscious programs take over. And often when you say them it just feels like you are lying.

With any problem that I work with, there are usually a handful of these pesky suckers gumming up the works.

Whether you are stuck with health, money, relationships, weight, or happiness, chances are there is a core set of mental blocks or limiting beliefs operating at the unconscious level. And to really change them, we must work with the unconscious mind.

Fortunately with what we know now about the brain and how it works, we can quickly and effectively transform these old automatic programs. Hypnosis is not required, but it can be a great complement to updating your mind.

Watch the video: The Myths of Hypnosis here

Once they are changed, you find inner strength, greater calm and well being and you find your freedom to be you. You open up the possibilities of your life, you find your drive and your ambition to achieve your dreams. Life becomes an adventure.

Create Your Amazing LifeAre you ready for life to become amazing?

You don’t have to continue to struggle with these mental blocks any longer.

If you are tired of struggling with the same old defeating thoughts and mental habits, if you are ready for a new approach….

Then it’s time to rewire your brain for positive programs. Much like updating your mental software.

What if your brain were operating by new programs that supported you?

* I can achieve what I desire
* I appreciate and love myself
* My contribution is valued
* Life is an adventure

Updating your unconscious programs changes your whole experience of life and life becomes amazing! Are you still operating from old programs? Find out what unconscious programs are affecting you. Call Now! 801-810-9406