Ahhh…the NEW YEAR!

The New Year often brings feelings of hope, renewed commitment and excitement.

It’s like a new chapter of life, blank pages lined out before you waiting for your creative hand. We are inspired by possibilities of what we can create.

And if we are detailed and focused – we might even create Goals.

I can see you out there…..about 80% of you felt a gnawing in your stomach and rolled your eyes when I said ‘Goals.’ And I know how it is…we say, ‘I’m gonna do it this year’….and we get excited and motivated, we might even put it on the planner…but then what happens? A few days roll by and then we procrastinate, drag our feet…and finally tuck it away into the graveyard with all the other goals. But that’s not the end of the Goal Setting Hamster Wheel, No.  Then we must berate ourselves, ‘I’m  just lazy, undisciplined,’ We say.

And then the next time we go to set a goal, we get visitations from the ghosts of goals past. ‘You’re just lazy, undisciplined. I’ve heard that one before…what makes you think you’ll do it this time?’ Echoes in our head…and we get discouraged even before we’ve started…..

So I encourage you to switch it up – What if you focused on FUN GOALS FIRST?

Let’s create some new Associations and Meanings with GOALS.

When we think about creating goals, we are often good with picking goals for work, career and money, but what about LIFE QUALITY goals? What about FUN goals? What about relaxation goals? What about relationship goals? What about BEING goals? Hmm….

This year I feel my travel bug coming back. I’m ready to have more fun this year. I’ve got a couple river trips I’m scheduling and rolling out a new business program to support you where-ever you are. Here’s to a New Year – May it be AMAZING!

What are your FUN Goals this year? Add your comment to the post and share what’s on your FUN List! Let’s get some great ideas going.

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