Health Coaching can be an integral part of your recovery 

Health and Wellness are the sum of several factors.

Working together, we can identify your health goals and the positive actions you can take to support your health and your well being.

  • Do you want more energy?
  • Do you want to be healthier, more fit?
  • Do you want to lose weight or lower cholesterol or blood pressure?
  • Do you want to reduce the need for medications?
  • Would you like to speed recovery?

Whether you are looking to find your healthy lifestyle or if you are dealing with a chronic illness or diagnosis, there is a lot that you can do to increase your health and your recovery by adopting healthy habits, changing brain habits and patterns and creating a system of support.

There is a lot you can do to support your health and recovery through simple diet changes, changing habits and a creating a healthy lifestyle that supports you. But this is just the tip of the iceberg. We know that stress has physiological effects on the body.

Plus, we know that stress is a major factor in illness and health recovery

  • The Center for Disease Control estimates that 90% of doctor visits are due in part to some form of stress.
  • Stress is known to increase the pain response.
  • Stress can aggravate illness and symptoms.

What does your brain have to do with your health?

Stress, overwhelm, fears and habits – these are all mental patterns in your brain.

If you have struggled with a health challenge, chronic condition, illness, or maybe just lacking the energy and vitality you want – there is a lot you can do naturally to engage your mind and body for health and healing!

Receiving a diagnosis can be overwhelming. Dealing with a chronic condition day to day can be frustrating and full of pain. However there is hope for greater wellness and well-being. With complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) therapies, you can address the issues at the physical, mental, emotional,social and spiritual levels and create your map to greater health and well-being.

Wellness Coaching can help you navigate your journey by offering support, insight, and addressing the mental habits and patterns aggravating your illness or medical condition. Together, we’ll build your plan of action for addressing the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels of health and healing.

The Mind Body Connection is Real

The body responds to what we think. This is evident with stress. When we think of stressful things, our body responds by going into the fight or flight response which is a physiological response and affects heart rate, blood pressure, and the body moves the blood from digestive organs to the skeletal muscles to fight off an attacker or run away. When we are stressed, the body stops working on the immune system and releases stress hormones. Stress can aggravate health symptoms and keep the body from healing as it should. So our thoughts have a physical effect, what we think about matters.

With NLP and Hypnosis, we look at the mental habits, patterns and fears that are causing the stress, curtailing the stress response and increasing well being. We can also address worries and fears.

Ryan began working with me as he was looking for answers to Irritable Bowel Syndrome that he had suffered with for four years, medications only helped somewhat and doctors had no real explanations for the causes of the intestinal distress.  IBS is linked with stress patterns, so we focused on changing anxiety patterns, and his body responded. After only 5 sessions, Ryan reports he’s symptom free!

Ryan said, “I found new tools that I could tap into, a greater ability to handle life situations more comfortably and with less stress or worry.  My body has been doing great from the work we did and the positive imaging and attitude you’ve helped me create and enforce has been helping so much!“ — Ryan, age 32


Our thought patterns and habits make a difference.

Sadness, depression, and negative thinking all take their toll on how the body functions as it creates mental interference to the harmony of the body’s systems. These are mental habits and they can change. Sometimes the body is creating a disease condition that is due to mental or emotional reasons. This is mentioned in the books, Feelings Buried Alive Never Die by Karol Truman and Louise L. Hay’s book You Can Heal Your Life. When emotions are buried and unprocessed, they create interference in the body and they can manifest as illness or disease over time.

The tools of NLP are really good for identifying and processing stuck emotions so that you can clear the interference, allowing the body to heal itself.

Sometimes we pick up negative thoughts about who we are or how the world works through the events of our life. These over time can become automatic thoughts and manifest as illness or disease. Thoughts like, “I’m not good enough” or “I don’t measure up” are common. These automatic thoughts are called beliefs. In the book Beliefs: Pathways to Health and Well-Being by Robert Dilts, Tim Hallbom and Suzi Smith it talks about one woman’s journey to wellness over cancer by changing these beliefs or automatic thought patterns.

In NLP and hypnosis we say the body is creating a condition due to mental, emotional, and even social and spiritual factors. We often identify these as root causes of the condition or illness. Once the interference is cleaned up, the body is better able to heal itself. We also say that the unconscious mind is in charge of the body’s automatic functions and quite often there is much that we can do by asking the unconscious mind to make updates and changes to how it is operating.

I’ve actually witnessed amazing results with clients through focusing the mind and attention on healing and addressing the core issues.

There are many aspects to the Wheel of Wellness including Nutrition, Fitness & Exercise, Stress Levels, Sleep, Social Support, and Positive Mental Habits and Patterns.

With the Wellness Coaching assessment, together, we look at all these levels, identify areas of focus and create an action plan for what you can do to balance your approach. In the wellness coaching program, we’ll work together to Increase your health and wellness through changing your habits, increasing your positive mental patterns, reducing stress, and engaging your deeper mind to increase your body’s ability to heal itself!

It’s Amazing what your Mind and Body can do with focus and direction! With the Wellness Coaching program and with the right tools and support- you can discover how to:

     NLP CoachingFind Greater Energy

     NLP CoachingEngage your Body’s Ability to Heal Itself

     NLP CoachingSpeed Recovery

     NLP CoachingReduce Symptoms

     NLP CoachingReduce & Control Pain

     NLP CoachingChange Your Health Habits

     NLP CoachingReduce Your Stress

     NLP CoachingCreate New Patterns for Health

     NLP CoachingEnhance your Well-being

     NLP CoachingImprove your Ability to Enjoy Life Again!

Through combining Hypnosis, the tools of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and Health Coaching – we can actually engage your mind to focus your own healing, rebalance your body, find your healthy lifestyle to support you, and move to your next level of health and greater well-being.

“I originally began working with Holly to increase my health. I had a (heart attack) the year before and from the ECG (Electro Cardio Gram), it showed tissue damage on the front and back of my heart. I had less energy and wasn’t able to be as active as I was before.  Holly and I worked on a wellness coaching program, focusing my mind on healing as well as changing my eating habits. As we made changes, and I worked with self-hypnosis audios (that we recorded in sessions), I found I had more energy, and was able to be more active. My doctor has also decreased my medications. Now, 6 months later, I got the report from my Cardiologist and he said, “the tissue damage is gone, your heart is now considered normal.”  They were amazed at my heart’s recovery. I have so much more energy, and this is the best I’ve felt in years.”

                       – Paul Tucker, retired, age 70, Vancouver, WA

Bio – Psycho – Social Model of health is gaining momentum. 

The Bio-Psycho-Social Model of health is gaining notice as the best model of how our health responds to what we think, how we feel, and even our social interactions.

The best approaches are integrated with your mind and body system.

Take charge of your health and speed recovery! Easily change your habits to ones that support you, such as eating healthy foods and staying with your fitness program. Making dietary changes can be hard, but can have huge impact on how well you recover. Plus, with advanced forms of Hypnosis and NLP, you can increase positive focus, reduce stress, and engage your deeper mind to increase your body’s ability to heal and recover.

Your mind and body are connected. With advanced forms of Hypnosis and NLP, we can engage the deeper aspects of your mind and awareness to remove the internal blocks to healing. Once these are addressed, your body can better heal itself. NLP and Hypnosis have had amazing results in addressing anxiety, stress management, depression, pain reduction, controlling allergies, preparing for surgery, recovering from injury or trauma, recovering from stoke, and more!

You can maximize your body’s ability to heal itself. Doctors can’t explain spontaneous recovery, and there are many people who have recovered despite the best professional opinions to the contrary.

We have only just begun to uncover what the human mind and body are capable of. Perhaps it’s time to take charge of your own wellness by using internal strategies to increase your health potential! Isn’t it time to explore what your mind and body can do for you?

Here’s a partial list of conditions I’ve worked with in health and wellness coaching programs, helping clients reduce and even eliminate symptoms:

     – Anxiety and stress patterns

     – Allergies

     – Heart Attack Repair

     – Hypo-Thyroidism

     – Graves Disease

     – Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

     – Lupus (Auto-immune condition)

     – Migraines

     – Stroke Recovery

     – Unexplained stomach discomfort

     – PMS PreMenstrual Syndrome

     – Tendonitis

Thought Pattern Management can help you reduce mental stress, thus also reducing physical stress on your body and your immune system. This modality is also wonderful for helping your body to recognize and coordinate its systems and work together with greater harmony and health.

NLP Neuro-Linguistic Programming can aslo address stress and anxiety patterns, help your brain set up new mental habits, and identify and change core issues behind the original causes of symptoms. NLP processes can help you shift the mental patterns that are exacerbating your stress and your symptoms.

Meditation and Hypnosis You can take charge of your health by working with the deeper aspects of your mind and body system. The body takes its orders from different systems of the mind. By focusing your awareness, we can guide you through meditations and self- hypnosis to help your mind direct your body’s healing energies to the areas of the body that are in need.

In Health and Wellness Coaching sessions, we develop audios specifically designed to address your health challenge. We can record the session and you take it with you during the week to help keep your mind focused on your healing potential.

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