Make a Great Living While Helping Others Succeed!

  • Do you love working with people?
  • Are you in an industry or profession where you already work to help others succeed – for example, a manager, a personal trainer, a Life or Business Coach, a counselor or other people profession?

If you love working with people and making a difference in others lives, then The Brain Trainer’s Advanced Coach Certification Program is the right fit for you.

Advanced Coach Certification Training in Salt Lake City

Whether you are ready to learn powerful skills  for yourself or help others create effective and lasting change, the dual certification for NLP Practitioner and Coach Training course gives you the skills to change your life and help others do the same.

  • Are you ready to step into your amazing life?
  • Are you ready to help others create lasting results and live happier, healthier, more fulfilling lives?
  • Are you ready to create a meaningful career while making a difference and helping others live their best?

If you are ready to step up your life and create a fulfilling career helping others, this dual Coaching Certification and Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner training are the skills you need to create a life you love, both personally and professionally.

Coach Training Certification

Coach Training ProgramThe Coaching model is an empowering format which helps clients find their own best answers. Based in positive psychology, it holds the perspective that everyone has a depth of inner wisdom available to them.

The coach creates a therapeutic environment of non judgment and support which gives clients a safe place to create change. Coaching is so much more than creating goals and action steps. Coaching offers empowerment, focus and connecting with your own inner wisdom. Coaching gives you a powerful format for helping people find profound insight, understand what drives them and get in touch with your inner truth. This amazing skill set increases self awareness, self resilience, and self direction for the client.

But Coaching has its limitations. You may have found yourself wanting to create a change, but recirculating the same “I can’t because…” These have to do with mental blocks that we pick up through the course of life. These mental blocks are so hard to change because they are wired into the brain as mental habits and are at the unconscious level. That’s where the skills of Neuro Linguistic Programming come in.

Neuro Linguistic Programming NLP Practitioner Certification

Unlock the power of your brainNLP or Neuro Linguistic Programming offers the keys to making fast and effective lasting change. Neuro Linguistic Programming is a system of understanding how the brain codes information and how to use that code to create change at the brain level, mental habits, mental blocks, habits and behaviors, limited thinking or beliefs, recurring negative thoughts or feelings and more.

NLP Training offers the keys to mastering your own mind, tapping into your motivation and confidence quickly and easily.

With this dual  NLP Practitioner and Coaching Certification, you’ll have a dynamic and complete skill set to help your clients create real world results, turn their problems into stepping stones and launch them into new levels of health, happiness and success.

If you are already a Coach or Change Agent

If you are already a Coach, personal trainer, therapist, or personal change agent, you may have found yourself frustrated with clients when they say they want to change, but don’t follow through.

This dynamic training course gives you the keys to understanding human behavior and motivation and helps you identify the root of the problem and employ ‘brain training’ and NLP skills to create real, effective and lasting change.

You won’t find yourself recirculating the same problems over and over, you’ll learn the keys to fast and lasting change. Your clients become raving fans who refer you to their friends and family. And you feel satisfied that you are truly making a difference in people’s lives.

Plus, you can create a great career doing what you love.

Every day that I go to work and see clients, I thank my trainers for teaching me and giving me the skills to navigate my life with greater ease and make a difference for others. And we need more skilled, qualified and professional people making a difference with real results.

“If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.” – Marc Anthony

We need more people who are skilled and qualified to really help people make a difference. As we transform our obstacles and create happier, healthier more fulfilling lives, we raise the well being of the individuals we work with, the change ripples to their families and friends and the greater community at large.

NLP has the amazing power to help people move through the difficulties more quickly so that people can get to a place of living with purpose and passion and bringing their life’s work into the world.

Here’s just a sampling of the Skill Sets you will learn:

Coaching Skill Sets:

  • Learn the Empowering Format of The Coaching Model
  • The Healing Power of Compassionate Listening
  • Focused Listening
  • Levels of Coaching
  • Creating a Therapeutic Relationship
  • Crafting the Client Experience
  • How to Use Powerful Questions for Clarity, Insight, and Self Discovery
  • Creating Accountability without Judgment
  • Coaching Ethics & Boundaries
  • Identifying Priorities
  • Clarity with Life Purpose, Mission and Vision
  • Bringing Passions to Light

NLP Skills:

  • Understand Human Psychology of What we Think, Feel and Do
  • Discover Keys for Instant Motivation
  • How to Change Habits in 5-10 minutes
  • How to Assess Mental Habits
  • How to Address Cravings & Compulsions
  • Understanding the 7 Levels of Change
  • How to Process Emotions Quickly
  • Identify and Clear Limiting Beliefs Keeping Clients Stuck
  • Uncover Mental Blocks
  • Understanding How the Mind Works
  • Quickly Clear Mental Blocks Even at the Unconscious Level
  • Positive Language Patterns to Make Change
  • Skills for Integrating Change
  • Understand the Drivers Behind Behaviors
  • Address & Change Self Sabotage
  • Deep Level ChangeWork
  • And so much more!

Mind Mastery Revealed How to Get What You Want with Your BrainAdvanced Coach Training Certification & NLP Course Salt Lake City Dates:

Certification course is based on a 72 hour training program, plus completion of 28 practice sessions for a total of 100 + hour course.

Mind Mastery NLP Coach Certification requires completion of the 7 Mind Mastery Series + Completion of the Coaching Essentials dates listed below.

The NLP  Training Series includes the following courses. One NLP Course taught each month, visit class schedule for current dates

  • The Mind Mastery System
  • Mind Mastery: Keys to Happiness
  • Mind Mastery: A Lighter You! Weight Loss
  • Mind Mastery: Healing Love & Relationships
  • Mind Mastery: Discover & Design You
  • Mind Mastery: 7 Levels of Wealth
  • NLP Coach Certification Test

Plus, Coach Skill Training Courses begin September 2016. Call or email for application.

Plus, Supervised Coach hours, plus practice sessions required.

How does The Brain Trainer Coach Training Program compare to other Coach Training Programs?

Here is an example of a comparison of other Coach Certification Programs. You can see the courses can range up $8,700 or more! And they don’t even include the effective skill set of Neuro Linguistic Programming.

Other Coach Training Programs cost $3,900- $10,000 for just the Coaching Skills, that doesn’t even include the extremely effective NLP Practitioner Training.

Coach Certification Training Comparisons










It’s common for Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP ) Trainings to cost as much as $3,000 – $6,000 or more. So to get both certifications with other programs you can expect to pay $7,000 – $12,000!

The Brain Habits for HealthNLP is so effective because it works with the brain’s coding system.  NLP training can set you apart from other coaches in the market place. As an NLP Coach, your clients notice the difference right away – so they keep coming back and they refer.

With the simple Coaching skills, people stay stuck and don’t follow through because of underlying mental blocks, fears, negative thinking, old mental habits and self sabotage. These are at the core of every problem. And they are wired into your brain.

If you are really serious about being effective with your clients, Neuro Linguistic Programming skills are a must. NLP helps people change the mental habits and mental blocks responsible for lack of motivation, lack of confidence and self sabotage. Your clients experience REAL results and they refer friends and family …that’s how you easily grow your business.

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Payment Plans Available. Price subject to change without notice. Ask about payment options.

Have you already certified as a Coach?

If you’ve already certified as a Coach, but want the NLP training and skills to be more effective with your clients, have a more focused plan for action and get better results – you could qualify for a scholarship. If you’ve already certified with a program, please email for your scholarship application. holly at

You can create a life that you love, a fulfilling and meaningful career – and help others step up to their dreams!

Call now for more information on the NLP Training & Coach Certification Course: 801-810-9406


Holly Stokes, The Brain Trainer, Author, Speaker, and NLP Coach

Holly Stokes, The Brain Trainer, has more than 20 years experience in the field of applied psychology and worked with several thousand clients in ‘rewiring’ the brain over the last 11 years in business. She helps rewire the negative brain habits and patterns that get in the way of health, happiness and success. She runs a successful practice in Salt Lake City, UT

She has authored three books and created more than a dozen CDs designed to rewire the brain for weight loss, health, happiness and success and loves to empower people with ‘Brain Skills’ for life.

She has been quoted by Shape Magazine, Active Times and Chicago Tribune and appears on radio shows and local TV. She says, “Whatever you want to create in your life – the answers are in your brain.”

Changing your life is as simple as changing your mind.

Certifications and Education Include:

B.S. Psychology, Portland State University, Portland, OR
Certified Hypnotherapist, Portland, OR
Certified NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Practitioner
Certified NLP Life & Business Coach, Seattle, WA
Certified Master NLP Practitioner, San Francisco, CA
Certified Thought Pattern Management Practitioner, Vancouver, WA
Certified Medical Support Hypnosis