Stressed WomanStress is a growing epidemic!

Stress is the number one leading contributor to all the major diseases! 90% of all doctor’s visits are due to elements of stress.

Stress depletes your immune system, aggravates illness, causes weight gain, blocks recovery, drains your energy, and silently steals your quality of life.

Stress takes its toll on our mental and physical health. When we feel stressed, the body physically responds by going into the “fight or flight” mode by:

  •       Increasing heart rate
  •       Releasing adrenaline and cortisol (stress hormones) Cortisol can cause weight gain
  •       Increasing in blood pressure
  •       Decreasing the immune function
  •       Decreasing logic and reason

As our lives are getting busier and more demanding, we are under more stress than ever. It’s great to have some activities in your schedule that help reduce stress such as yoga, or journaling, meditation, but these activities only give you windows of calm amid the sea of stress in your life.

What if you could just handle stress better?

What if you could train your mind and body to react with calm and clarity rather than stress? Did you know that you have mental habits that lead to stress? A mental habit is when the brain runs a thought process automatically, and we can have these mental habits that cause us more stress than necessary.

The triggers of these mental stress habits may include family or friends, coworkers, driving in traffic, waiting in lines, certain people ( even if you love them ), paying bills, balancing your checking account and more. We can have micro stress responses or even major stress responses to any of these through the course of the day.

“Taking the time to listen to the Stress Relief CD and walk through the steps has been well worth it. I used to walk around as a ball of tension, and now, I just don’t get as stressed out over the little things.”–Matthew S.

The funny thing about stress is that it is wired into the fight or flight system of our nervous system.  This was useful when we were hunter gatherers, but the stress that we encounter now will not hunt us down and eat us, but our body’s response to stress uses that pathway – preparing us to run away or fight off an attacker.

The problem is, that fight or flight is not appropriate to the stress we encounter these days, and if left unchecked, stress can steal our well being and our health! When we become stressed, we are less able to think calmly and clearly and less able to problem-solve when we are emotional, which is counter – productive to the stress we experience today. Train Your Brain for Stress Relief

With this breakthrough brain training program, you can train your brain to stress less. In just 30 minutes and repeating it once a day for one week, you can train your brain and body to respond less to stress, and find greater calm and clarity in your daily life.

This “brain training” audio will train your mind and body to create a calm response rather than going into the fight or flight response. This keeps you more centered and calm, with a greater sense of well being, and a greater ability to respond in any situation!

You’ll have greater access to problem solving and decision making. You may know some people who tend to handle stress very well and others who do not manage stress well at all. The difference is in their mental habits that lead to the stress response.

“I used to feel run down at the end of the day. It takes a lot of energy to feel so stressed and overwhelmed all the time. After listening to the Stress Relief CD, I had a greater feeling of calm amid the storm of my day, I have more energy and I even sleep better.” — Valerie D.

Now, with this breakthrough Brain Training CD, you can reduce the stress response ( a physical body reaction ) just by repeating the exercises on this audio a few times. You’ll be handling stress better, feeling more calm and comfortable, and even make better choices!

“They should teach this stuff in schools. After listening to the Stress Relief CD, I found I was just more calm and collected and actually more capable of making good decisions.”—Kohl A.

Train your  Brain for Stress Relief CD helps your mind create new mental habits allowing you to feel calm and collected even in stressful situations. This is an interactive style Neuro-Linguistic Programming or NLP Audio including:

  • Mindfulness Exercise for being calm and centered in the present moment.
  • NLP exercise for setting up new mental habits of being calm is various situations
  • Plus, Guided visualizations for relaxing and experiencing greater wellbeing and more!

Train Your Brain for Stress Relief is available in CD format or mp3 formats. 35 minutes in length.

            $17.95 CD ships 3-5 days                         $9.95 mp3 instantly .

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